Dating in the 21 century is complex.
Club Research’s archives keep you informed.

Dating in the 21 century is complex. Club Research’s archives keep you informed.

MTM’s research and development department focuses solely on solutions for singles sourced from academic study, research papers, and polling agencies. Dating intelligence keeps club members one step ahead of the average single.

Love needs a little luck.

Made To Match stacks the odds in your favor by delivering useful dating data. Trends change, technology adapts, sometimes singles can feel left behind, our dedication is to constantly deliver you dating docs to help you to adapt with the times.

Across the board, no matter the age, sex, race, and status all polled people share dating is getting harder and harder.

The status quo of signing up for a dating app as the solution is crumbling and failing American singles.

MTM club members enjoy presentations. Just as an agent finds work for a pro sports player, MTM targets compatible dates for sustainable relationships.

MTM champions each club member keeping the glass half full.

Apps are known to mislead consumers into thinking someone wants to date them by sending profiles of ‘matches’ to their inbox; this process leads the consumer to unanswered messages, rejection, and pessimism.

Club members have direct access to going out on their guaranteed dates and enjoy having all the legwork processed by our love-life secretarial services.

When MTM sends a match to a club member’s inbox, this process leads to optimism and a date.

At any time any member can have any information handed back. Member data is not sold or repurposed.
Dating profile descriptions are pre-approved by each member. Both your privacy and confidentiality are respected. MTM also provides a reputation management clause to protect your privacy further.

Dating apps are becoming the problem and not the solution.

MTM Brings back dignity to dating. 72% and up technology, Love-Hub, delivers dates engineered for compatibility.

MTM provides each member with a checklist of do’s and don’ts for dating in the 21st century.

81% of our club members seek a long term relationship.

MTM uses a 3 V protocol i.e. Club members are vetted, validated, and verified.

The evidence is overwhelming. Men are finding it harder to date because there just aren’t enough women who are willing to sign up for dating apps.

At MTM the odds are stacked in the males’ favor. We represent 10% more women than men currently in a 55% female to 45% male ratio.

Here is the reality: People just aren’t into dating apps. Professional management and promotion is the smart solution for discerning singles seeking sustainable relationships.

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