Five ways to make a move (pay attention gentlemen).


If you’re reading this, my man, then there’s a good chance that ‘smooth operator’ is not your moniker. That’s okay, not many men are. By the end of reading these five golden rules, followed by putting them into practice- you will be.

1. The genuine article.

Put a stop to putting up a front (frontin’). No matter how much you want to be a tough guy or a comedian, what truly works is sincerity, honesty, and tenderness.

Many men build a fortress around their hearts, a stony exterior that prevents rejection by pretending ambivalence over a woman’s affection. Let’s face some truths- if you’re looking; you’re liking. So don’t deny this to yourself and definitely not to her.

2. Braggart be gone!

If you take nothing more from this blog than this one rule, make it the one you pledge an oath not to break. Even if you are holding Ferrari Keys and a palatial beachfront, avoid boasting about them. And if you’re holding a Hyundai and a roommate, then you’re going to get busted for suggesting anything else.

The best way to impress is to just engage in inquisitive dialogue, everyone has a life story, and the more you learn, the deeper your understanding of her will be. Ask her about herself, and if she asks of you; keep it 100. If she asks you about material items…move on.

3. Romance.

Let it thrive, let it be completely alive. The key to romance is data mining. If you listen to your date she will inevitably talk about things she likes. This data is your fuel for the fire. Simply by listening you will hear data that you can utilize for the coolest surprise. Romance doesn’t need flowers sent to work (though it’s not a bad idea). The passion is inspired by the attention to the detail of her life and how you paid attention to her. The golden rule? Surprise and creativity.

4. Hesitate.

It doesn’t take much but a glancing brush or look in the eye of a woman to get a guy hot under the collar. Here is a huge tip towards intimacy. Delay your aspiration; no matter how horny you might immediately feel, cool that collar, ice down the imagination, and reserve control.

She will feel the tension grow. In the space between the passion and the moment let a little time come between inducing intimacy. Save the first kiss till you’re completely alone.

The golden rule here? Her eyes. The eyes are a window to the invitation, if she holds your gaze and you’re alone, gently caress and motion slowly towards her face while keeping direct eye contact. That first kiss should be remembered. I remember my true love and I’s first kiss.

5. It’s in the signs. Passion, love, and intimacy are all influenced by mightier forces than we all understand.

Programmed into our DNA we receipt knowledge and comprehension through gesture, sense, and surroundings.

  • 1st Positive Sign: She’s smiling.
  • 2nd Positive Sign: You made her laugh.
  • 3rd Positive Sign: You feel her touch you with her hand.
  • 4th Positive Sign: You feel her slightly brush you side by side.
  • 5th Positive Sign: She locks onto your eyes intensely.

So go make a move. You have her where she would like to be. The signs are saying it’s time to take the lead and man up.