7 steps to successfully date through Zoom or Face-Time


Many singles can agree that COVID-19 has clobbered every aspect of life… especially dating as we knew it. 2020 Statista survey data revealed that 31% of respondents were using online dating apps and dating services more than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Only a mere 13% percent of singles shared using dating platforms much less. A separate study by Kathryn D. Coduto from Ohio State University was done at the beginning of the pandemic in 2019 and revealed that compulsive use of dating apps made swipers feel lonelier than they did before logging on. Nonetheless, surges of 19-26% have been documented by apps such as Bumble and Tinder since the start of the pandemic back in mid-March. Why? People are lonely.

A lack of socializing at the office or going out with friends has created a serious craving for human connection. Even though some singles may be surrounded by family during these trying times, this pandemic can bring up feelings of longing for a partner to go through the good and now BAD times with.

The days of serial dating are long gone. Singles are more likely now to pursue deeper conversations and a more intentional dating atmosphere. During these times of serious health risks where you might have to consider if someone you’d like to meet over dinner is worthy of an in-person meeting, many singles have gotten comfortable asking personal questions early on. A lot of this boils down to how willing you are to risk your exposure for a certain person you’re just now getting to know. Singles all around the U.S have found Zoom as the alternative if they’re unsure of their levels of connection with a person they’d like to meet. For many, meeting in person just isn’t an option.

Zoom has taken over in-person meetings and has given many singles a great way to get to know each other personally while not being IN person. This has brought on a new type of problem: How to Zoom date.

It’s difficult enough to step out of your comfort zone and get to know someone new. Now they are also faced with technological problems on how to enhance their experience while on zoom,but, fret not, with the help of many studies and professionals in the appropriate fields, Zoom dating has been made easy!  

Attached below is a guide to consider whenever you’re entering a zoom date:

1. Be mindful of background noise that might be distracting

2. Position your camera for your face to be center focus and at eye level

3. Avoid multi-tasking while on the zoom.

4. Prepare some questions you’d like to know answered in advance.

5. Wear bright, solid colors and avoid black.

6. There are very effective lighting options for cheap on AMZN or use a room with a lot of natural light.

7. Be prepared for lagging, it happens….

Dating through a video conference is a convenience for the 21st Century. Getting ready for a dinner date only for it to be a dud can be a time, energy, and financial frustration, so use modern technology to your advantage….singles can see sparks through their screens and a Zoom can serve to truly enhance the desire to see each other in person!

A first date is generally for getting acquainted, seeing if there is a chance of sparks flourishing, and most importantly for you to enjoy yourself. Don’t sweat the small stuff too much and remember, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.