Five key benefits of dating with emotional connection

1. It rocks a bedroom. When two lovers emotionally connect  expansion of erotic trust ensues. Consider emotion as the  fuel of fantasy. The more connected a couple feels emotionally the more opened the mind and heart  becomes to sexy exploration. 

2. It rocks chat. Say goodbye to dull, mundane, and pedestrian banter that bores you. Emotionally connected  Lovers laugh more, and talk about A-Typical subjects. Emotionally connected lovers are easy to spot, their eyes And smile light up while they talk to each other. 

3. It rocks the open mind. Emotionally connected partners  have cheerful open lines of communication. So many couples suffer when the channels get closed down. The emotionally connected are characterized by an endless feeling that they are a walkietalkie encoded to a bandwidth they can tune into, in any emotional emergency. This open line of communication is encrypted  in a way only the two lovers can tune into. 

4. It rocks mood. You can spot an emotionally connected person a mile away. They have that look that expresses confident flair, assured from a connected bedroom experience, the memory of having one’s mind blown keeps the smile fresh into the day ahead, and co-workers inevitably intuitively can tell your living a cooler life than they are. The mood of the connected emits the aroma of  elation, a euphoria of happiness that makes emotional connection a sonic boom of mood boost. 

5. It rocks fun. Emotional connection manifests itself like a mantra through all the hours of the day. The emotionally connected have 5 times as much fun as those who live without it. 

Made To Match was engineered to develop emotional connection between two people from the moment they meet each other. 

Our emotion are engaged listening to music, our emotions are emitted when we watch video of stunning vistas, and our thoughts are put to the test when we form our emotional opinions. We encoded all of this into an emotionally connective quiz. All you have to do is tick the boxes and our patented technology does the rest. 

See you in the emotion…