Predictive Dating

When your eyes lead you to believe that the perfect date is in the eye of the beholder, it is an illusion. It has a shelf life of a few years. But you already know this, or you would have stopped reading. To disrupt the very nature of dating, we studied the facts of where America stands right now.

The dating economy is $40 Billion The divorce economy is $115 Billion

Put another way: we pay three times as much to get rid of someone as we do to meet someone. The system is broken

I look, I see, I want, it’s broken. It worked when we were cave folks and when we said we would love forever. But that all goes bust. If it doesn’t, why are you still reading? Dating apps should have fixed the problem, and they didn’t. The stats remain the same. More choice. More convenience, fewer results. Less passion. Less love.
We said screw this. It’s time to fix this crap. The only way to do it is to get real. The truth is that the inner life of all of us is filled with stuff we keep inside(that’s why it’s inner). We have started your journey with a quiz—Ninety-nine internal opinions to get the truth of your emotional identity clearly on your sleeve. In case you haven’t heard, it’s like no other quiz you’ve ever done. We combined music and video and overlaid a simple A/B analysis of the self where all you got to do is click A or B, and at the end, we use pragmatic math to calculate the percentage of your opinion. Face it, America is opinionated. Our opinions connect us, and our opinions collide us. Consider Made To Match the connector. We only engineer a match when the numbers make sense. If your 88% A, well, our software acts like a jukebox to find the perfect tune with the highest percentage of harmony to yours. We call it “Love-Hub.” Love-Hub pairs you with the highest percentage math match possible. 

Keeping it transparent so that you can trust its technology, you get “Love-Book,” a dating tool you open on your phone while on your date. The two of you can validate and verify each of your selections. Love-Book has games. Yes, you both get to be players, not in the vague sense, but literally having fun on your date. Instead of awake and silence and twenty boring questions, once you delve into Love-Book, the time between you two will evaporate.

Love-Book members get free upgrades, new games, the latest blogs, insight, and where the future lies in our goal to disrupt dating, so much so, that it becomes completely exciting to date once more. Done your Love Pod yet? Oh, you haven’t heard about that? Feel like a movie star for a day. Go to the studio, choose your soundtrack, and record the voiceover of your life. Proving that attraction is in the ear of the beholder.

We are Made To Match… you.