Date Like You've Never
Done Before

Combines Experience

Our Lightbulb Moment

When we figured a way
to help people feel truly

Point Indicators

Ticks all the boxes

You listen to music,
watch a movie,
tick boxes, it’s fun to do.

Love Hub Technology


Learns from your selections and intelligently matches you.

Date Accuracy Rate

Under the Hood

On your date compare your ticked boxes to see how truly alike you are.

Dating Data

The Numbers Are In

Love-Hub only matches your highest percentage of connection.

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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Us vs Match

If you want quality and privacy we outperform.


Verified Age
Verified Height
Verified Single
Guaranteed Dates
Private and Confidential

Verified Age


Verified Height


Verified Single


Guaranteed Dates


Private and Confidential

Who we are

 Our story starts approximately 2500 years ago… mathematical genius Pythagorus argued that “all of humanity was connected across the universe by music and math”. Our innovation is an honorary shout out to his thought. 

We started with questions.

Long story short, we figured it out. The US Patent Office took a look at our software application and awarded us a utility patent. What does it do? Well to sum it up in a sentence…

What it takes years to find out we deliver in minutes.

Made to Match, you.

Predictive Matches

Defined by 99 questions of the mind

Opposite or similar

Love-Hub tech finds



21  A patent pending protocol

prime key-words to love


All the dates

you need To find the right 1

We Predict,
But what are your odds?

If you’re using a dating app, the Pew Research Center reported:

– Only 23% of subscribers going on a date.
– Only 12% of subscribers finding a relationship.

If you join Made To Match:

– 100% of members go on dates.
– 100% of dates predicted by patented technology.
– 54% of members meet again.

Put another way; we crush dating apps.

What Our Club Members Have To Say

I am having a wonderful time getting to know Rich. He is everything you said and more!


Thank you for making this possible for me. I'm a little depressed after losing my puppy of 15 years. The Club has really given me something to look forward to. So I'm grateful to Made To Match and my love life secretary!! I adore my secretary she is GREAT at what she does. A real asset to your company.


The a/b analysis is so much fun!!!! The music was so relaxing that I never wanted it to end! I love the process at Made To Match starting with the analysis all the way down to the software and how its set up. Thanks for a new way to date!


I have truly enjoyed working with my love-life secretary and know that we can continue to have a fruitful relationship.


I love this company! Never had I ever experienced a ‘love-pod’ until now and what a unique way to date! I loved listening to the audio tape that my dates created in a studio prior to meeting them. It gives this another level of intimacy that I didn't find online.


I love the love-pods! So cool! Where else do you hear a recording of your date prior to meeting?!? I love the love-book you receive after taking the analysis and all of the fun ice breakers Made To Match added to avoid awkward moments on a date. They really thought of everything!


I have a brief update for you. Over the last several weeks, I’ve had a chance to spend a bit more time with Diane. I like her - we have similar backgrounds and some common work experience, and I enjoy her company. I cant thank Made To Match enough for introducing me to 2 amazingly compatible women!

John Z

I never thought at my age that I would be loving all of these tech features. I love that with this company, my matches are all decided by the answers in my analysis and the immutable software behind it!


My limited experience with your service has been great. I have already met two lovely gals that I enjoy spending time with.


I found Cindy very attractive and extremely well dressed. We share common interests, mostly in business issues and experiences. She has had some fascinating business ventures. We spent over two hours talking before parting company. I would be very interested in seeing her again however I'm not sure of her level of interest going forward. Let me know!


First company in a while that has provided me with awesome services and more from the jump! I appreciated that right at my consultation I was able to test and sample their cool processes! If all else go and take the analysis and get your love book!!! It is so cool.


Linda and I had a great time at Sails! Linda and I hit it off right away! She has a great personality and lots of energy! She is also drop dead gorgeous ! We have been seeing each other for the past week daily! We are getting to really know each other and I feel the more time we spend together my feelings for her are getting stronger. So I’m good!


So I met Tom and we had a great conversation and a wonderful time together. He seems sweet, smart, fun, and energetic . So we will probably on another date.


Once you date through made to match, there’s no going back! Its so unique!!! From the analysis, to the audio recording you get of your date, everything about the process is fun while also on the search for love!


It was an absolute pleasure to meet Laura. She looked nice, we had great dinner, great conversation. In my opinion it was never awkward whatsoever. Seem to have a number of things in common, which just made the evening to seem to flow very nice and natural. If she is willing, would like to see her again and see how things go as well as exchange telephone numbers if she feels comfortable.


I really am looking forward to meeting Sandy. The profile you provided for Sandy sounds wonderful and the fact we answered so alike in our analysis makes me intrigued all the more!!!!


I am really looking forward to my date with Matt on Friday. I have a feeling in my heart that we might be a really good fit. He seems like someone i will admire and have interesting conversations with. Thank you for the love-hub match!


Thank you for connecting me with Anne! Four months in and I couldn’t be any happier!


After exhausting the dating apps, being a member of Made To Match was refreshing to say the least! Their processes and concepts are unique, one of a kind and making my love-life a whole lot easier to manage! Thank you.


Thanks Made To Match and Abigail for aiding me in my quest for romance! Cannot thank you enough!


Can’t beat the service nor can you beat Made To Match’s patented processes! What a cool way to date!


After losing my husband of over 60 years, I thought it’d be nearly impossible to start dating again especially online nowadays! My love life secretary made dating a blast! So far Ive met 4 delightful gentlemen and I’m looking forward to meeting bachelor number 5!


What a fun way to date!!! Keep up the great work Made To Match!!!


After endless failed dates, I figured I’d give this company a shot. Their concepts are very modern and make dating rather hassle free! I’m looking forward to hopefully finding the right one for me!


With a name like Made To Match, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try! I am very happy with the company and have been dating the same remarkable woman for 2 months now. Fingers crossed that this relationship sticks!! Thank you!


I am very impressed with the quality of my matches and the fun sign up process! I thoroughly enjoyed their analysis that was visually appealing and very insightful in learning more about myself. So far I’ve met 3 beautiful ladies and while it didn’t turn into a LTR, they were all wonderful and I can see the compatibility. I am very excited to meet my next match, thanks Made To Match!


    We proudly serve the following cities:

    Naples, Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Estero, Ft Myers, Cape Coral,
    Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte,
    Englewood, Northport, Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, Sarasota, Longboat
    Key, Siesta Key, Lakewood Ranch, Bradenton.